Crack the Mix Money-Vault?

We need your help! The station cash-vault is locked with our cash inside and we can’t remember the code, DO YOU THINK YOU CAN FIGURE IT OUT?

1- First, get yourself entered to play on our website YOU MUST BE 18 AND OVER TO PLAY

2- After you are entered, listen for your name to be called on the air at 8am – 1pm – 4pm.

3- If your name is called, call the radio station request line at 545-1822 within 10 minutes and 53 seconds to try and crack our Mix Money Vault.

4- Pick any 5 digit code that you think will open the Mix Money Vault.

5- If you get the code correct you win the current reward amount. The reward amount starts at $105.30 and increases with each incorrect answer. The increased amount will usually be $10.53 but will be sometimes larger amounts at the descression of KONA-FM.

6- If you get the code wrong, the Dj will tell you how many numbers you got right. Also, the amount increases and you win a Mix 105.3 swag bag.


Enter now for a chance to "crack" the mix cash vault code!