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Race to the Mix Cash Vault

It’s back starting Wednesday October 7th!!

Need some extra cash? Just beat the banker to one of the Mix 105.3 Cashvaults and score big! So how do you win?

When you hear the Mix Cash Vault alarm at 8am, 1pm, or 4pm, be caller number 9 at 545-1822. Then pick one of our 3 vaults to try and empty of cash. Our banker will try and slam the vault door and while he runs to the vault, you will hear dollar amounts increasing. You must say “close the vault” before the banker does. If you wait to long, the banker slams the cashvault closed and you lose everything. Shut the vault before the banker and you win the last cash amount heard!

Listen and win that extra cash you need with the Race to the Mix Cash Vault, only on Mix 105.3