Pet of The Week

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Tri-Cities Animal Shelter

Hello, we are bringing a pitbull named Tiny. Tiny came to us in August of 2018 because he got out of his house and approached someone in a menacing fashion and he was declared. Before the incident he had been declared Potentially Dangerous for being a Pitbull in Kennewick (Kennewick no longer declares Pitbulls Potentially Dangerous based on breed). He has been at the shelter for a very long time because he was on a court hold as his owners were trying to get him back. Unfortunately, he had to be owner surrendered to the shelter. Since he is a declared dog, the new owners will have to permit him. Donations have been made towards his adoption fee and permitting fee. His adoption is paid for and $125 toward a permit. Tiny is 5 years old and came from a family with children and other dogs. He has a big bark, but is a big hyper love. Officer Ness Wright is bringing brought in Tiny, and has spent every day on her lunch hour and has grown to adore him. 

The message around Tiny is important because dog owners need to understand the importance of keeping their dogs contained on their own property (and walking their dog on a leash). When dogs run loose  they can get in trouble (stolen, injured, or attack another dog/human or be attacked). Dog owners should be aware of our cities municipal codes. A dog could be declared Potentially Dangerous if they chase or approach a person in a menacing fashion or apparent attitude of attack. Declared dogs must be permitted to live in the cities of Pasco, Kennewick and Richland and the declaration lasts for their entire life.  

In Tiny’s case. His permitting fee is $250/year, new owners must have personal liability insurance, and they must keep Tiny contained in their house or kennel or walk him on a leash and muzzle when outside of a 6 sided enclosure. If you live in another city or county, we would need to research the permitting requirements for a declared dog. 


We hope Tiny gets a second Chance.